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March 30, 2024

12pm to 9pm (all day event)

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During our March 30th. Team Whiskey Bonanza we will be holding an Outdoor Sports Film Festival.  It will be 1 Hour and 10min. long, having a total of 7 Outdoor Sports Films for your Entertainment.  This Film will run concurrently every 45min. in two separate Theaters beginning at 1pm and running all day.


SUBMIT a 10min. Video of your Outdoor Sports Adventure.  It must already be edited to exactly 10min. with your credits either at the front or the end of the Video.  It can be any Outdoor Sports:  Hunting, Fishing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Skiing or Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Surfing, Skydiving, really anything as long as it's an Outdoor Activity.  We will be selecting 7 of the best Films.  The Prizes will be as follows:

                         -The WINNER:      $1,000 w/ Trophy plus 10 VIP Passes to our Event

                         -The 6 Finalists:  $200 w/ Trophy plus 5 VIP Passes to our Event.

                         -Team Whiskey MVP Award:  Trophy plus 5 VIP Passes to our Event.

                                **(this award goes to the film maker that does a lot for the Community)**

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DEADLINE to Submit:    March 15, 2024

Please send in .MP4 or .MOV format  (max. 4GB)

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